Poise Extra Coverage Pads

As low as $7.35

Seize your Poise moment by taking control of your light bladder leakage (LBL) with Poise Liners. Poise incontinence panty liners are the number one liner for LBL and stay 3X drier than leading...

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Poise Pads, Maximum


Poise Maximum Absorbency Pads provide even more absorbency to give you the confidence and protection you need for your Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). Our absorb-lock core quickly locks away...

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Poise Pads, Moderate Absorbency

As low as $9.49

Nobody wants to worry about bladder leakage. NEW Poise Thin-Shape Moderate Absorbency incontinence pads are specifically designed for women with Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), are up to 40% thinner...

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Poise Thin-Shape Pads

As low as $15.99

Feminine care is not enough to protect women with bladder leakage. Seize your moment with Poise Thin-Shape Incontinence Pads with moderate absorbency are specifically designed for women with LBL...

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