Care Club Founders Featured On Islander News

Posted by Bianca Padilla on Feb 9th 2017

Care Club Founders Featured On Islander News

Servicing a segment of the population that often suffers in silence due to shame or the desire for sheer privacy is the meaningful work of Jonathan Magolnick and his girlfriend and business partner Bianca Padilla, two young Key Biscayne residents who are providing solutions for incontinence and hoping to de-stigmatize the situation along the way.

It’s an underserved part of the community that Magolnick believes needs options like any other group of people in need, which is why he co-created

The products Magolnick and Padilla make available are a line of adult undergarments, pads, wipes and other items made by a variety of manufacturers with incontinence in mind. What makes the business unique is the ability to order online by becoming a club member, eliminating the need to go to the store.

Magolnick, who simply looked at the market and decided it was a good idea, is happy to serve.

“We felt it was an underserved area,” the University of Miami graduate said. “There were no real millennials pursing this path. The websites that we out there and available now, are old and not very nice and don’t really offer comfort as opposed to ours where we want people to feel that this is not so taboo of a subject.”

The Care Club website is simple to use. Membership is free, and by simply creating an email and password members can receive a 10 percent discount off all products and free shipping for orders that exceed $50.

Padilla, who attended New York University and was featured in Forbes Magazine for a company she started in The Big Apple, is excited about the Care Club prospects. “We’ve been in business eight months now with an official launch [in October], and we’re making sales and growing our customer base. It’s going well,” she said.

The entrepreneurial couple realizes they work in a competitive market, but they are confident they can set themselves apart. “We do have a lot of competition, but our competitors’ pricing is a lot higher than ours, unless you go to a Walmart or Target, and our prices are similar to theirs. Plus, we have more product range than the local stores because we don’t have to store supplies and we’re able to offer a lot of selection,” Padilla said.

She also emphasized the customer service aspect of their business.

“You can call us directly,” she said. “We realize each customer’s situation is unique to them and they might be embarrassed to ask for help face to face.”

The company is also planning to launch a survey section to their website that helps people select the right product for them based on the answers they provide. The customer-friendly website that Padilla created is only part of the marketing plan; they are also utilizing social media to build their brand.

“We’re a building a community and we’re getting a lot of shares and reposts on Facebook with people facing the same challenges,” she said.

Magolnick said that 20 to 30 million Americans are affected by incontinence, and growing up in the Village he has always been surrounded by people in all stages of life and is sensitive to their needs. “Having grown up on the Key, I went to the community school and then to St. Agnes,” he said.  “I lived here since I was born and still live in the same house on the Key.

“This is a community where people try to help each other, and it’s a club in itself,” Magolnick said, adding, “I know the demographics. I’m a member of the Yacht Club and speak to people who have been on the Key for years. I understand the people here.”

We want to mix premium value with cost effectiveness, that’s what the key is.”

Magolnick explained that the Care Club is a Key Biscayne-based business that hopes to serve its customer base and make its mark on the world one person at a time” “The ultimate goal is to be the number one incontinence supplier in the world and be the most customer-friendly around.”

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